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These days, the average attendance at a Soldier Field Bears game

is just over 61,000 people

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On September 22nd 1927, two of the most famous athletes of their day, Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney met at Soldier Field for their long anticipated rematch for the World Heavy Weight Championship.


105,000 people attended

It was the first sporting event ever to reach two million in ticket sales and to this day is still the 4th largest boxing audience ever

Tunney won, in what became infamously known as the "long-count" fight, One of the most controversial victories in boxing history.

But he had won all the same, retaining his title, and doing so in one of the first events ever broadcast, around the world, live over the wireless .

On that Autumn evening in 1927

Gene Tunney,

for that moment, became the most celebrated man on the planet.

And that night he a champion.

He dined and drank in one of the classiest establishments in Chicago. Accompanied by the Mayor, city dignitaries and other distinguished admirers.  They all celebrated together under the lights of The Little Bohemia.

The best and brightest of Chicago once gathered here for what was undoubtedly a time to remember. That celebration is happening once more...

and we hope you'll join in the revelry.

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